Alsident System A/S - The cabinet has a pyramidal top with two tempered glass windows. The opening of the cabinet is large making it suitable for processes with measuring instruments
alsident® system 25 - kabinet typE 1
Dimensions Opening Height of Side
Air Volume Basic Art. No.
[mm] [mm] [mm] [m3/h] Red White
Alsident System 25 - Kabinett Typ 1 1000 x 600 x 410 720 x 160 200 220 25-106020 -4 -5
Alsident System 25 - Kabinett Typ 1 1000 x 600 x 710 715 x 460 500
25-106050 -4 -5
Alsident System 25 - Kabinett Typ 1 1000 x 600 x 960 715 x 710 750 850 25-106075 -4 -5
The colour code refers to the colour of the small plastic corners on the glass windows of the top.
Alsident® System Cabinet type 1 is made of a vacuum-moulded transparent PETG top and side panels of transparent PETG assembled in the corners with anodised aluminium profiles. The lightly pyramidal top with 2 tempered safety glass windows ensures the user's view of the working process inside the cabinet.
The opening is relatively large making this cabinet suitable for measurement and analysis processes.
You can choose the position and size of flange for connection to ventilation duct. Standard position and size of flanges will be used unless anything else is required at ordering. See position and size below.
You can find an overview of the flanges for Alsident® System 25 here.
NB! Flange and mounting of flange are to be ordered separately.
Download files:
Overall brochure of Alsident® System 25 in printable pdf
Drawing of standard position of flange
Type 1 - Flange sizes Sizes available for the flanges