Alsident System A/S - With our dimensioning program it is easy to choose and visualize the correct extraction arm for your work situation
Our on-line dimensioning gives you a unique opportunity of choosing the appropriate combination of extraction arm, mounting bracket, hood and mounting point according to your requirements and actual interior design.
In the on-line dimensioning program you can:
  • insert ceiling height and height of false ceiling of requires
  • insert and define dimensions of many types of equipment, e.g. tables, cupboards, hairdresser's chairs, dental chairs, operating tables, examination couches etc.
  • choose between our wide selection of extraction arms and insert them in the drawing
  • choose between our selection of hoods and insert them in the drawing
  • move extraction arm and equipment
  • position extraction arm and hood considering the arrangement of the work place
  • insert working area of the extraction arm in the drawing
  • quickly change between various types of extraction arms
  • quickly adjust dimensions
  • see a survey of article numbers chosen
  • download product specifications in PDF
When you have chosen the best solution, you can either print a drawing or save it as a PDF. On the drawing a title block will be inserted for you to complete with name and reference number.

New app for Android tablet and telephone

Now, the entire dimensoning program is available as an easy and swift App for Android tablets and telephones.
As the on-line program working with the dimensioning app is fast and intuitive. The app provides a clear picture of the installation and changing models is easy and fast.
Find the app in Google Play using the search key 'alsident'. Download and use of the app is of course free of charge.

Instruction video for the dimensioning program gives you various possibilities of equipping your work station with cupboards, table, persons etc. and chosing and placing the extraction arm.
Before you start, you can watch our instruction video for the dimensioning program here.