Alsident System A/S - Local extraction at dentists and in dental clinics can be necessary by several work processes such as work with anaesthetics and hazardous chemicals
Recommended systems
Alsident System 50 AL
Alsident System 63 PP
Alsident® System 25 - Kabinetter
Small extraction arm which is easily positioned.
Choose red, white or black joints.
Air volume: 45 - 85 m3/h.
Extraction arm easily moved with one hand. Pipes of white polypropylene (PP)
Air volume: 60 - 120 m3/h.
Use the cabinet for enclosing the pollution. We also offer customized solutions.

Various types of pollution

At a dental clinic, several working processes create health threatening pollution requiring local extraction, for example:
  • Work with health threatening chemicals
  • Working processes making dust
  • Working with inhalational anaesthetics

Extraction arm

It is important to set up local extraction to be used during working processes causing unhealthy or disturbing pollution from gasses, vapours, dust or the like. The pollution has to be extracted as closely to the source as possible.
The Alsident® extraction arm is self-supporting and flexible making it possible to get close to the source of pollution. It is easily positioned during the working process. When you choose the correct hood for a given type of pollution and working process, you will achieve a very high extraction efficiency.