Alsident System A/S - Local extraction in hairdressing salons is necessary by hair-dyeing, bleaching and permanent waving. There must be extraction at different places in the salon
Recommended systems
Alsident System 50 AL
Alsident System 63 PP
Alsident System 25 Kabinet type 3
Small extraction arm which is easily positioned.
Choose aluminium pipes with red, white or black joints.
Air volume: 45 - 85 m3/h.
Extraction arm easily moved with one-hand-operated joints. Pipes of white polypropylene (PP).
Air volume: 60 - 120 m3/h.
Cabinet for mixing of hair colour. The high opening makes it easy to reach the mixing bowl.
With damper to turn the air on or off.

Local extraction needed

At hairdressing salons, various chemicals are often used for working processes, such as hairdyeing, bleaching and permanent waving. Therefore, local extraction is required. In Denmark, the law prescribes local extraction with one extraction arm for every other chair in the salon and at the wash basin. Air volume required is 70 m3/h.

Work cabinet for mixing

Local extraction is also required for working processes involving mixing of products. This is also required by law in Denmark. The work cabinets from Alsident® System 25 are very efficient when the hazardous vapours from mixing are to be enclosed. Alsident® System cabinet type 3 has a manually operated damper for opening or closing the air flow.