Alsident System A/S - Local extraction at dermatologists and other specialists is required when working with hazardous chemicals such as formalin, anaesthetics and by laser surgery
Recommended systems
Alsident System 75 AL Alsident® System 25 - Kabinetter Alsident System 10 Luftvagt
   system 75 AL >> system 25 >> Airflow alarm >>   
Extraction arm in aluminium with white or red joints.
Air volume: 80 -180m3/h.
Use the cabinet for enclosing the pollution.
We also offer customized solutions.
For monitoring extraction efficiency. Easily mounted on the extraction arm.

Types of pollution

Various working processes at a doctor's practice require local extraction, eg:
  • Work involving chemicals, eg fixation of sample tissues in formaldehyde
  • Laser surgery developing diathermy fume 
  • Work with inhalational anaesthetics 

Closed  system for formalin

For work with formalin, we recommend a cabinet. With a correct extraction, a closed system is made preventing pollution of the surroundings. We recommend a minimum air velocity through the opening of 0,5 m/s.
An extraction arm is a flexible solution for work with laser surgery and inhalational anaesthetics. The extraction arm is self-supporting and easily positioned close to the source of pollution during work. When you choose a suction pen, it is possible to get very close to the laser knife and increase the extraction efficiency.