Alsident System A/S - A work cabinet encloses the source of pollution and makes the working environment safe. They are available in three different types depending on the application
Alsident System 25 - Work Cabinets Type 1
Alsident System 25 - Work Cabinet Type 2
Alsident System 25 - Work Cabinet Type 3
Cabinet with loose vacuum shaped top and sides assembled with alu profiles.
Choose between three standard hights.
Vacuum shaped cabinet with a reduced opening.
Eg suitable for grinding small objects.
Cabinet with a loose vacuum shaped top and sides of steel.
Inclusive of flange, stub pipe and joint with damper for ventilation system.

Alsident System's product range also includes work cabinets. The polluting work process is carried out inside the cabinet which encloses the pollution ensuring a complete extraction of the pollution.
3 cabinet types of different sizes, shapes and for various applications. The choice of cabinet depends on the working process. The three cabinet types are applicable in various trades, eg at hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, dentists, veterinary hospitals and clinics, dental laboratories and hairdressing salons.
Customized cabinets
Just as for our extraction arms, we offer customized cabinets meeting our customers' individual requirements without deviating from our high Alsident® standard. For further information please contact your Alsident® dealer.