Alsident System A/S - Handling of medicine, dose packing and pulverization of pills are only a few of the polluting tasks requiring local extraction in a pharmacy. Read more here
Recommended systems
Alsident System 25 Cabinet
Alsident System 25 Cabinet type 2
Alsident System 75 AL
Cabinet in three different hights with a big opening.
Flange for ventilation duct is optional.
Moulded cabinet with a small opening for handwork.
Flange for ventilation duct is optional.
Easily positioned extraction arm in aluminium with red or white joints. 
Air volume: 80 - 180m3/h.

At pharmacies, the pollution comes from working processes such as handling medicine (dose packing) and mixtures or pulverization of pills. Working processes creating dust, aerosols, bad smells etc. can be polluting.

Cabinet used as local extraction

It is an advantage to perform these working processes in a cabinet connected to the ventilation system. With the correct air volume, it works as a closed system enclosing the pollution. Dangerous chemicals such as cytostatica are kept away from you avoiding development of allergy or cancer.

Extraction arm as an alternative

As an alternative, you can also choose an extraction arm. A wall mounted extraction arm is easily folded up and pushed away from the workplace when not in use. Therefore, this solution requires less space at the table.