Alsident System A/S - Our wall brackets, table brackets, u-profiles and ceiling columns are all designed with focus on stability, durability and user-friendliness. Ready to mount

Alsident System Table bracket
Alsident System U-profile
Alsident System Wall bracket
Alsident System Sokkelkasser
For mounting the extraction arm on the edge of a table. Very applicable for mobile installations. Available for: System 50/50 Flex, System 63 and System 75.
For reinforcement of the installation of long extraction arms mounted directly on the table. Available for: 
System 50/50 Flex, System 75 and System 100.
For mounting of the extraction arm on a wall or column. The extraction arm is able to turn min. 190° horizontally.
Available for: System 50, System 63, System 75, System 75 Teleskopic and System 100.
For ceiling mounting of extraction arms at various ceiling heights.
Available for: System 50, System 63, System 75, System 75 Teleskopic and System 100.

User-friendliness, stability and durability

At Alsident System A/S we focus on several qualities when designing our brackets, such as user-friendliness, stability and durability. 
It is important to us that our brackets are user-friendly on several levels.
Primarily, the brackets must be easy to mount. Therefore, we deliver our brackets assembled and ready for mounting.  Furthermore, it must be easy and logical to mount the extraction arm in the bracket, eg there must be enough space for a screwdriver. 
When the bracket is in use, it is important to us that the installation is stable to make it easy to position the extraction arm during the working process.
All our brackets are thoroughly powdercoated on all surfaces - also on the inside of wall brackets and ceiling columns in order to obtain a much longer durability.