Alsident System A/S - Pollution at a goldsmith’s from polishing, grinding, cleaning, soldering, work with chemicals etc is efficiently removed with an Alsident System extraction arm
Recommended systems
Alsident System 50 AL
Alsident System 75 AL
Alsident System 10 Luftvagt
Small extraction arm which is easily positioned. Choose aluminium pipes with red, white or black joints.
Air volume: 45 - 85 m3/h.
Extraction arm for medium tasks.
Choose aluminium pipes with white or red joints.
Air volume: 80 - 180 m3/h.
For monitoring extraction efficiency. Easily mounted on the extraction arm.

Dust and chemicals

Gold and silversmiths are often exposed to two types of pollution. Dust is created during working processes, such as polishing, planishing and cutting of the metal. The dust has to be extracted, because the small particles can be breathed in and cause asthma, allergy or more severe lung diseases.
Gold and silversmiths also often work with several hazardous chemicals, such as potassium cyanide. Many chemicals are used in working processes such as melting, cleaning, surface treating or soldering.

Local exhaust protects the working environment

Pollution of the working environment at gold and silversmiths' workshops are quickly extracted at the source with an extraction arm from Alsident® System. Our extraction arms are self-supporting and flexible. They are made of aluminium pipes with flexible polypropylene joints which make the arms very sturdy and useful for artisan's work.
If you choose a suction pen in aluminium or a Ø200 metal hood, you can place the extraction very close to the source of pollution and ensure a very high efficiency.