Alsident System A/S - Find answers to frequently asked questions about extraction arms and other products from Alsident System
How do I find the right extraction arm?
The choice of system (diameter of the pipes) and the air volume depends on the pollution degree and the size of the pollution source. You will find a quick guide under Trades regarding pollution and the selection of products within the specific branches. Do you not find your branche, you are free to contact us for further information.
What comprises a complete extraction arm?
A complete extraction arm comprises an extraction arm, a hood and a bracket. A great variation of combinations is possible and therefore, all 3 items are to be ordered separately.
How can I see that there is a sufficient airflow in the extraction arm?
You cannot immediately see if the airflow of the extraction arm is not properly adjusted. On delivery of the installation you should ask the installer for a regulation report to document the air volume through the extraction arm. As an extra safety you can get an airflow alarm to put on the arm which you can program to give an audible and visual alarm when the air flow is less than the limit.
My extraction arm sinks - what is wrong?
First, you check that the extraction arm is mounted accurately. Facing the extraction arm, the wing of the joint with damper must turn to the right and the two small screws of the joint with damper must turn up and forward. If the extraction arm is mounted inaccurately, the internal spring sitting in the first joint will not be used and in worst case, the spring can be damaged. If the extraction arm is correctly mounted, try to tighten the screws at the side of the joint that sinks. Are they very tight already or do they get loose very quickly again, we advise you to contact your local dealer for further help. Frequently, we will ask for pictures of your installation and of the extraction arm, both in its operating position and when it is pushed away/up in closed position. This gives us the best chances to identify the problem and find the solution.

If you cannot find the answer to your question on this page, you are free to contact your local dealer for further information and help to your problem.