Alsident System A/S - Hoods for Alsident System 100 in transparent PETG, PP for aggressive areas or antistatic for ESD, EX areas or ATEX areas. The hood designs cover many pollutants
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Alsident® system 100
AL AS CR application
Dim. [mm]
Article no.
Article no.
Hoods Article no. Application
System 100 AL Metal hood Ø200 alu
System 100 AS Metal hood Ø200 System 100 PP Metal hood Ø200 1-10024-7-5
Metal hood: Recommended for hot gases, fumes and light dust concentrations etc.
Increased effeciency at an angled position.
System 100 AL Metal hood Ø200 lak
System 100 Metal hood Ø360 alu Ø350 1-10036-5 System 100 AS Metal hood Ø360 1-10036-6
System 100 AL Metal hood Ø360 lak Ø350
System 100 AL Round hood Ø385

System 100 AS Round hood Ø385

System 100 PP Round hood Ø385 1-10035-7-5
Round hood: For light fumes/gases and open vessels.
Increased efficiency at an angled position.
System 100 AL Round hood Ø500
System 100 AS Round hood Ø500 System 100 PP Round hood Ø500 1-10050-7-5
System 100 AL Flat screen hood 420x280 mm
420 x 280
System 100 AS Flat screen hood 420x280 mm System 100 PP Flat screen hood 420x280 mm 1-1004228-7-5
Flat hood: Especially for heavy fumes/gases. High efficiency when placed vertically on a surface. 
*Transparent PETG with PP stub
The hoods for Alsident® System 100 are all incl. a stub pipe.

System 100 AL:

The hoods for System 100 AL are made of transparent PETG and  aluminium - both anodized and powder coated.The white plastic parts are made of polypropylene (PP). The hoods of transparent PETG are resistant to most common detergents and cleaning with alcohol. 
System 100 AL extraction arms and hoods are for the use in common working environments without any specific requirements to conductivity or chemical resistance

System 100 AS:

It is important to select an antistatic hood for the antistatic extraction arm to keep the conductivity. It is highly important when the extraction arm is mounted in ESD areas and EX areas (ATEX).
The antistatic hoods are in chromated (TCP) aluminium or conductive polypropylene (PP) - depending on the model. 

System 100 PP:

The material of the hoods are chemical resistant polypropylene (PP) or powder coated aluminium.
The two round hoods and the flat screen are all made of 100% PP. PP is resistant to a wide selection of chemicals and consequently, the PP hoods are applicable to most aggressive working environments. However, metal hood Dia. 200 is made of powder coated aluminium which makes it less resistant. The chemical resistant extraction arms with  System 100 PP hoods are applicable to chemically aggressive working environments.

Optimal position of the hood:

Under the menu "Optimal position of the hood"  you find an explanation in greater detail of how to position the hood considering source and type of pollution.

Download files:
Brochure on System 100 with a complete overview of all the article nos. for this system. In A4-printable pdf.
Test report for different hoods and positions. Tested by the Danish Technological Institute.
Manual on cleaning and maintenance of System 100, adjusting the spring and best position of the hoods.