Alsident System A/S - Local extraction must be established at processes developing unhealthy or disturbing pollution such as dust, fume and foul smell

Recommended systems

Alsident System 75 AL
Alsident System 100 AL
Alsident® System 25 - Kabinetter
Extraction arm for medium-sized tasks.
Choose aluminium pipes with white or red joints.
Air volume: 80 - 180m3/h.
Extraction arm in aluminium with white joints for large tasks.
Air volume.: 140 - 400 m3/h.
Use the cabinet for enclosing the pollution.
We also offer customized solutions.

Polluting processes in laboratories vary from laboratory to laboratory and so does the amount of pollution to be extracted.
Depending on each work place, an extraction arm or a cabinet might be the solution.
Generally speaking, local extraction has to be established at work processes developing hazardous or explosive types of pollution such as gasses, vapours, dust or the like. However, local extraction is also advantageous even though the pollution is not unhealthy because it might still be disturbing or smelly. These types of pollution have to be extracted directly at the source with an extraction arm equipped with a suitable hood or by enclosing in a cabinet.
If you need more about extraction at your own work place, you are welcome to contact your Alsident® distributor.