Alsident System A/S - Alsident flexible extraction arms have a long durability and are stylish in design. Our wide selection of extraction arms and accessories will cover your needs
Air volumes: 45-85 m3/h.
System 50 is very applicable in trades with small pollutants, such as the electronics industry, laboratories, dental clinics, laser technologies, classrooms at schools, hairdressing schools and beauty salons, nail salons, goldsmith's workshops.
Materials: Aluminium and Antistatic.
Air volumes: 45-85 m3/h.
Alsident® System 50 Flex is characterized by the self-supporting flexible hose and pipe giving the system extra flexibility. System 50 Flex is mainly applicable in the same trades as System 50.
Materials: Aluminium and Antistatic.
Air volumes: 60-120 m3/h.
System 63 is suitable in many different trades together with the various hoods, both in common and aggressive environments. Applicable where a chemical resistant arm is needed such as laboratories, chemical industry, schools and secondary schools.
Materials: Chemical Resistant.
Air volumes: 80-180 m3/h.
System 75 is used in many different trades such as laboratories, laser technology, chemical, medical and food industry, schools, secondary schools, universities and machine shops.
Materials: Aluminium, Antistatic and Chemical Resistant.
Air volumes: 80-180 m3/h.
System 75 Telescopic is built as a 2-joint extraction arm with telescopic tubes. It is compact and especially suitable at stationary work places, such as laboratories, machine shops, weighing ranges and by decantation of liquids.
Material: Aluminium.
Air volumes: 140-400 m3/h
System 100 is useful in trades with large pollution sources such as laboratories, hospitals, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry, universities and machine shops
Materials: Aluminium, Antistatic and Chemical Resistant

We have designed our extraction arms to reach a high standard and durability. The flexible self-supporting construction consists of firm tubes of aluminium or shatterproof polypropylene. The easily movable joints are all made of shatterproof polypropylene. The extraction arms are carried either by an internal spring or 1 or 2 external gas springs respectively, depending on length and diameter of the extraction arm. Alsident® extraction arms have a unique damper inside the joint which is totally out of the airflow in open position.  Therefore, our arms are flexible, durable, handy, easy to clean, robust and stylish. This make them very applicable in beauty salons, laboratories and productions.

Various materials with various characteristics
With the choice of up to 3 different materials from each system, our extraction arms cover widely in terms of pollution sources. The chemical resistant variant of the Alsident® extraction arm can be used in aggressive working environments both in laboratories and productions. The antistatic versions (50, 75 and 100) are approved for ESD areas and for the explosive ATEX areas (75 and 100) and are marked accordingly: EX II 1 GD

Read more about selection of material under Guide to choice of material.

Select the right system
Our product range is composed of several different systems of extraction arms. Each system number refers to the diameter of the extraction arm and with the diameters of 50, 63, 75 and 100 mm, our product range covers all air volumes between 45-400 m³/h. The system to choose in the actual case depends entirely on the source and quantity of pollution. Are you doubtful of the best choice of system for your needs and trade, you can find a short description of where the different systems are normally used in the boxes above. You can also take a look at our recommendations for selected Trades.

Easy maintenance
Maintenance of the Alsident® extraction arms mainly includes cleaning as needed. When cleaning, you can quickly take apart and assemble the extraction arms by means of few grips and without any tools. An Alsident® extraction arm is made of materials providing easy maintenance and long durability. Our Maintenance and cleaning instructions are available under Technical Support.