Alsident System A/S - Cabinet sides of powder coated steel and a loose top of transparent PETG. Delivered with 2 stub pipes and one joint with damper. Large and user-friendly opening
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alsident® system 25 - Cabinet type 3
Height of the side panels
Article no.
Alsident System 25 - Work cabinet Type 3
420 x 320 x 515
335 x 395
The top of the Alsident® System Cabinet Type 3 rests on the sides. The top is a square hood from System 75. The sides are of powder coated steel with an antislip list at the bottom.
We deliver the cabinet with one flange, two connection pipes and one joint with damper to facilitate the connection to the duct. At the same time, the joint with damper makes it possible to open and close the airflow at the cabinet.
The size of the opening  makes the cabinet suitable for processes such as mixing, measuring and weighing in a small scale. This is why the cabinet is especially useful in hairdressing salons.
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Overall brochure of  Alsident® System 25 - in A4-printable pdf.