Alsident System A/S - Local extraction can be necessary in several rooms in a hospital, and there are various types of pollution, eg surgical smoke and handling of medicine

Recommended systems

Alsident System 75 AL Alsident System 100 AL Alsident® System 25 - Cabinet
   system 75 AL >> system 100 al >> system 25 >>   
Extraction arm for medium-sized tasks.
Choose aluminium pipes with white or red joints.
Air volume: 80 - 180m3/h.
Extraction arm in aluminium with white joints for large tasks.
Airv olume: 140 - 400 m3/h.
Use the cabinet for enclosing the pollution.
We also offer customized solutions.

Types of pollution

In hospitals, there are several rooms which require local extraction, eg operating rooms and medicine rooms. Some of the polluting working processes are:
  • Laser and electrosurgical devices developing surgical smoke
  • Mixing and hardening of bone cements
  • Mixing of intravenous drugs developing aerosols.

Local extraction with an extraction arm

An extraction arm is an efficient solution which is easily pushed aside when not in use. When mounted with a suction pen or a small hood, it will stay close to the wound and extract smoke and vapours before they are breathed in. The extraction arms are available in various sizes that depend on air volumes needed.
A cabinet is an efficient alternative for work with medicine. With the correct air volume, it works as a closed system. We recommend an air velocity of 0,5 m/s at the opening.