Alsident System A/S - Work with formalin and anaesthetics, laser surgery and surgical smoke are only a few of the pollution sources that may require extraction at a veterinary clinic
Recommended systems
Alsident System 75 AL Alsident® System 25 - Kabinetter Alsident System 10 Airflow alarm
system 75 AL >> system 25 >> AIRFLOW ALARM >>
Extraction arm in aluminium with red or white joints.
Air volume: 80 -180m3/h.
Cabinet for enclosing pollution. Customized solutions also available.
For monitoring extraction efficiency. Easily mounted on the extraction arm.

Types of pollution

Several working processes at vet clinics call for local extraction:
  • Work involving chemicals, eg fixation of sample tissues in formaldehyde
  • Work with inhalational anaesthetics
  • Lasers and electrosurgical devices developing surgical smoke
  • Tooth-cleaning developing aerosols and involving anaesthtic gasses
  • Work with medicine creating dust and aerosols

Extraction arm for many tasks

An extraction arm is a very effective local extraction for most working processes because of its flexibility. We recommend an air volume of min. 100 m3/h.

Cabinet for formaldehyde

A cabinet is the best solution for work with formaldehyde and medicine. With the right air volume through the cabinet, it encloses the pollution in a closed system avoiding leakage into the surrroundings. We recommend an air velocity in the opening of 0,5 m/s.