Alsident System A/S - Local extraction in classrooms. Advice as to choice of extraction arm at pollution sources such as soldering, experiments with chemicals and other pollutants
Recommended systems
Alsident System 50 AL
Alsident System 75 AL Alsident System 100 AL
System 50 AL >> System 63 >> System 75 AL >> system 100 al >>
Small flexible extraction arm which is easily positioned. Choose aluminium pipes with red, white or black joints.
Airvolume: 45 - 85 m3/h.
Extraction arm easily positioned with one-hand-operated joints. Pipes of white polypropylene (PP).
Airvolume: 60 - 120 m3/h.
Extraction arm for medium-sized tasks. Choose aluminium pipes with white or red joints.
Airvolume: 80 - 180 m3/h.
Extraction arm in aluminium with white joints for larger tasks.
Airvolume: 140 - 400 m3/h.

Examples of pollution sources at schools and universities

  • Work processes with materials containing organic solvents
  • Soldering
  • Work processes developing dust
  • Work with nature studies and technical sciences experimenting with chemicals or other processes giving off hazardous vapours, gasses or bad smell.

Choose system according to education level

At elementary schools, a general choice is system 50 aluminium or system 63. If you choose system 50 aluminium, please note that we recommend using a system 75 arm at the teacher's desk. Often, the teacher will perform experiments that are larger and potentially more hazardous and therefore require extraction of larger air volumes.
At grammar schools the students often make larger experiments and therefore, systme 75 is the recommended system.
System 75 is also applicable at universities, but also system 100 is a good solution which is already used at several universities, for instance in Holland.

The aluminium version

For educational purposes, we recommend the aluminium models from system 50, 75 and 100 because mostly the amount and concentration of the chemicals are not critital to the aluminium. Therefore it is not necessary to use the chemical resistant version. System 63 is only available in white polypropylene (PP), but the hoods are also available in transparent PETG used in non-aggressive environments.


For soldering, system 50 aluminium is also applicable. However, sometimes the antistatic version of system 50 is chosen. At an individual estimate, the work places at elementary schools can be ESD secured.
Because of the pipes with easily positioned joints, the extraction arm is very durable and suitable for use at schools where the extraction arms are often handled with a heavy hand.