Alsident System A/S - Instructions for maintenance and cleaning of Alsident System extraction arms. Read about the best positioning of the hood and adjustment of the spring
On this page you will find all the documents for the User's manual and Maintenance with the User's Manual as the main document. The User's Manual can be extended with the following documents: "Demounting of Gas Spring", "Capture Efficiency" and "Cleaning".
In User's Manual and Maintenance you find:
  • Technical terms
  • Correct position of the extraction arm
  • Operation of the extraction arm
  • Capture efficiency
  • Troubleshooting
  • Adjustment of internal springs

Demounting of Gas Spring
Here it is described how to demount and remount a gas spring of an extraction arm. The information is relevant in connection with the longer models in System 75 and System 100.

Capture Efficiency
In "Capture Efficiency" you get advice and guidance on how to achieve the best capture efficiency with our extraction arms. You get advice on choice and positioning of the hood in relation to the pollution type and surroundings.

Here you will learn how to clean your Alsident® Extraction arm.