Alsident System A/S - Protective nettings prevent unintentional extraction of objects. Cover plates hide the perforation in the ceiling, and reducers connect to spiro duct
Alsident® System Protective netting
Alsident® System Cover plate
Alsident System Support Bracket
Alsident® System Reducers
support bracket >> base for
flat hood >>
Place the netting into the opening of the stub pipe of the hood.
Available in: System 50, System 75 and System 100
Covers the perforation between ceiling column and ceiling in suspended ceilings.
Available in: Systems 50/63/75 and System 100
The support bracket can give additional reinforcement to the longer ceiling columns.
Available in: Systems 50/63/75 and System 100
Connects the extraction arm with the ventilation duct.
Available in all systems:
50, 50 Flex, 63, 75, 75 Telescopic and 100
For Alsident® flat hoods in Systems: 50, 63, 75, 75 Telescope and 100.

Safety, aesthetics and completeness.

With these products we have gone beyond functionality at Alsident System A/S. We have also focused on aesthetics and completeness of the installation in every detail with the reducer and the cover plate and created a complete solution.
The protective netting will not only prevent inadvertent extraction of foreign objects but be a natural part of the hood with its design and discrete location.