Alsident System A/S - In the electronics industry, the largest pollution source is soldering, but also gluing and cleaning can necessitate local extraction
Recommended systems
Alsident System 50
Alsident System 50 Flex
Alsident System 75
Small extraction arm with a large selection of hoods for small tasks.
Aluminium or ESD version available.
Airvolume: 45 - 85 m3/h.
Small extraction arm with a flexible self-supporting hose.
Aluminium or ESD version available.
Airvolume: 45 - 85 m3/h.
More powerful extraction arm.
Aluminium or ESD version available
Airvolume: 80 -180 m3/h.

The worst pollutant in the electronics industry comes from soldering. However, it is also important to avoid pollution from glueing, cleaning etc.
By use of lead-free solder, the evaporation of flux will intensify and increse the need for local extraction. Also the solder remaining on the tip of the soldering iron when it is put back in the holder must be considered. These remains will still give off fume to be extracted.

Antistatic extraction arm

When local extraction is required, an extraction arm with one of our many hoods is a good solution offering high flexibility. Our extraction arms are self-supporting and because of the joints, it is easy to position the arm during the working process and keep it close to the work piece.
Some work environments are ESD-safe. Therefore, Alsident® System offers a special version of our extraction arms which are antistatic and approved for ESD by independent institutes. You will find the test reports under Test reports under Technical support.