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Alsident System A/S is the only manufacturer of extraction arms who get our fume extraction arms tested by impartial institutes. Consequently, the Alsident® System extraction arms are well documented both with regard to ATEX / EX-Approvals, ESD-Approvals, pressure drop, sound tests and capture efficiency tests. Of course, our test reports are available for printing and downloading together with manuals, instructions, brochures and many other kinds of documentation under technical support. Exceptionally, we also give you the possibility of downloading or printing technical descriptions of all our products for direct use in your tender prescribing fume extraction.
At Alsident System A/S we have more than 30 years of experience in extraction arms. It is important to us to supply extraction arms of high quality and with a long durability. This is why our extraction arms are made of durable and strong materials as aluminium, chemical resistant polypropylene and acid-proof stainless steel.
Our extraction arms are self-supporting, extremely flexible and easy to position during work. Here you can learn more about our materials and various applications of our products.
At Alsident System A/S we focus on both our products and their quality as well as on the demands of our customers. Therefore, we are able to supply customized solutions adapted to the needs of each individual customer. We test the customized solutions before delivery in order to secure our high Alsident® standard. Therefore, we offer the same warranty for our customized solutions as for our standard products. We also have a short delivery time of customized solutions.