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Stop for Alsident System extraction arms

When long ceiling mounted arms are to be used in rooms with a false ceiling, there might be a lack of space.
When not in use, the extraction arm is folded together and pushed up against the ceiling column (vertically). In rooms with a false ceiling, there might not be enough free height, and the extraction arm can hit the ceiling and leave marks on the ceiling sheets.
We can deliver most of our extraction arm types with a stop, preventing the arm from hitting the ceiling.

Special stop on socket joint - System 50 AL and System 75

On our System 50 AL and System 75 extraction arms with internal spring, we can mount two stop pins on the socket joint. This prevents the extraction arm from exceeding an angle of 60 or 90 with the ceiling column.
It is not possible to fit this stop on preinstalled extraction arms.
alsident® system SPECIAL STOP - socket joint
Article no.
Stop no.
Cut 60
Extraction arm
Article no.
STOP for max. 60
with vertical
Cut 90
Extraction arm
Article no.
STOP for max. 90
with vertical

Special stop on gas spring - System 75 and System 100

It is possible to mount a stop on the gas spring by the socket joint on arms with gas spring System 75 and System 100. This prevents the gas spring from closing completely together. This stop can be mounted after delivery and can be placed according to the free height of the room.
alsident® System special stop - gas spring
Article no.
Stop til gasfjeder
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