Small airflow alarm for Alsident arms. Audible and visible alert

System 10 - Airflow Alarm

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Alsident® system 10
- airflow alarm
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Alsident System 10 - Airflow Alarm

Security for extraction function - and safety in your working environment.

Alsident® System 10 Airflow Alarm can be mounted on your extraction arm in few minutes - and works immediately. The airflow alarm secures an optimal airflow through the extraction arm - and not only the function of the ventilation system.
The airflow alarm is a vacuum-based measuring instrument ensuring that errors such as a closed damper or blockades in the extraction arm are detected promptly. Therefore, the error can be correctled quickly maintaining a good working environment.



  • Audible and visual alert.
  • Checks the airflow every minute.
  • On delivery a minimum limit of 4 m/s is predetermined.
  • The limit of alert can freely be raised to a higher level. (recommendable).
  • Battery power - no separate current feed.
  • Battery is included.
  • Gives alarm in good time before change of battery needed.
  • Can be mounted on all Alsident® System extraction arms.
  • The placement above the joint with damper on the extraction arm ensures the user a free view of the airflow alarm.
  • Drill, screws, installation label and a detailed user manual are enclosed.
Download files:
Small leaflet for Alsident® System 10 - Airflow Alarm
Instructions Mounting instructions and User manual in A4-printable pdf
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